Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Reality Tuesday!

Reality shows are ruling the summer for the networks, especially CBS this year.  Its a pretty easy call for them to make, since they are pretty much low budget, except for any prize money offered.  CBS even gets to fill three time slots a week to Big Brother 6, which could end up being pretty good this season. 

On the block this week (which for those of you scoring at home…or even if you’re alone I guess…is week one) are Ashlea and Kaysar.  She’s one of the “pretty-prettys” in the house, of which there are way too many this season.  Kaysar seems to be the kind of guy that pretty much anyone would hang around with.  It looks as if things are shaping up for a house that has one less Ashlea, but only time will tell.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Sarah is going to do well this season.

Also on Tuesday nights is the incredible live show of Rockstar: INXS.  If there was anyone who could kick the pants off of American Idol and its various across-the-world incarnations, it is Mark Burnett, the producer of this program.  Tonight’s show was outstanding, with Ty and J.D. giving the best performances of the night.  Tomorrow night the three rockstars with the least amount of public votes will get one more chance to shine, before INXS drops the performer they like least.  Great concept that leaves ultimate control of the band with the members themselves.  Clever twist, as always from the producer of Survivor and The Apprentice. 

Speaking of which, Survivor: Guatemala has began shooting about a week ago.  Three people have already been voted out and early word is that there are some interesting contestants on this show.  Perhaps one or two that we’ve seen before?  Only time (and spoilers) will tell.

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