Thursday, July 28, 2005

Drugs and the type

There’s been a bit of a short discussion of drug type folks in town lately on the Discussion Board.  I’m perplexed that there has seemingly been little done thus far to curb the decaying state of things by the private sector.  I wholeheartedly believe that our Force is doing what they can with whom they can.  Perhaps more could be done by them I guess, but then that would be pulling them off of other jobs that would have at least some importance also.  Vicious circle and all.

A while back there was talk of forming a Neighborhood Watch, but that hasn’t really gotten off the ground.  I’ve put forth some ideas that involve getting more eyeballs on the situation, shedding some light on the subject, making business harder for these people.  I fear that we’ve really convinced ourselves that there’s nothing that we can do to stop the thugs in town. 

I want to know where these people do business.  I want to know who is involved in the business.  I want to keep my friends away from these people.  I want my children to stay away from these places.  Too many people are in the dark, because a few think that “well, everyone knows…”  I’ve driven through this town for years and have never seen anything that resembled a drug buy.  I’ve walked through the projects at night and never have witnessed a thing.  I do it regularly.  What am I missing here? 

Is there a risk involved in making a public statement that you want to get rid of these useless members of society?  Probably.  But you know what?  If the situation is as bad as everyone says, we’ve got to start taking risks like this.  Its either that or allow this segment of society to run rampant, lowering more than just property values.  Its going to take more than just letting the police do it.  Its going to take more than just education.  Its going to take a concerted effort of many citizens of town who have decided that its time for a change in attitude toward this type of crime. 

I would hope that the police force would help us regular folks to know how to better help them get rid of these people.  I personally know of people who’ve called both local and county police, but because of back logs, they cannote do all that much.  We need to know what we can do, and how best to lessen the effects that these thugs have.

And I’m open to any suggestion.  I’d be more than happy to post names and faces here, addresses to watch and avoid….anything.

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