Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Its NOTES time!

Yes, you read that correctly.  NOTES!  Yay for NOTES!  NOTES are good!  NOTES will be updated in a few days to more accurately reflect Village business, because they are simply NOTES and not actual minutes of the meeting.  They’re NOTES!  Whee!

Interesting points:

First reading of Ordinance #0–2005–12 delayed.  It will require landlords to provide names of their occupants to the Village.  This information will be used for tax collection purposes.

South Main is going to be landscaped by the Village and repairs will be done by the company that’s been bonded to do the work.

Kevin Knight is trying to resolve the high grass problem of some lots in the Village.  No one likes being told their lot looks crappy, so you can imagine how popular this makes him.

With emphasis of three exclaimation points (!!!), the Council isn’t charging the Hot Stove $100 for rental of the concession building.

No one seems to know who is on the Parks & Recreation Committee or what positions are held.

A 1.5 hour Executive Session was held to discuss Fire Department issues and other contractual concerns. 

Now, have at thee NOTES!


JULY 12, 2005 - 7:00 P.M.

Mayor Starkey called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Present; J Moore, S Garrett, M Garrett, B Donham, J Minotti(F Ballard absent due to family illness)

There were no minutes of the April meeting due to family illness of fiscal officer, Shelly Craine. Shelley has been out of the office Monday & today so financial records and issues will be on the recessed meeting agenda.

Jim Moore provided the Police & Fire Reports.

Jim Moore moved to adopt Resolution #R-2005-8 to withdraw the Village's appeal to the Bureau of Employment Award of benefits to it's fromer Village Fiscal Officer, Grace Krontiris. Seconded by Marian Garrett. Aye votes: Minotti, S Garrett, M Garrett, R Donham, M Garrett.. Nay: none. Motion carried.

Marian Garrett reported that the State Auditor's will be coming within the next week or so to begin our 2004 audit. Because of the change in Fiscal Officers the State prefers to do the audit themselves. Once it is established that records are being correctly maintained by the new fiscal officer, the State auditor will be willing for us to consider an outside audit firm if we so choose.

Jim Moore's Safety Committee notes of July 5th were distributed to Council members.

Scott Garrett asked that we hold the first reading of Ordinance #0-2005-12 to require owners of rental properties to provide information as to tenants/occupants.

Under Streets & Sidewalks Kevin reported that several people have cooperated by trimming tree limbs that were overhanging sidewalks. So. Main Street will be landscaped by the Village & the bonding company will take care of the street repairs.

Under Building & Properties, Jodi Minotti agreed that extremely high grass at various village locations continues to be a problem. Kevin indicated he is attempting to get the responsible parties to take care of this. It was also noted that there has been favorable comment from the community on the new flags on Center & N Main.

Jim Moore, Planning & Zoning, had no report and the notes from the 7-11-05 meeting have been distributed.

Jodi Minotti reported no meeting for Parks & Recreation Com., however, commended Kevin for the improvements he has made. There is still confusion as to who should be serving on this Board and who the Chairperson is. Jodi is to contact the School Board President and determine who the Board's two appointees are. The rumor going around town that the Council would charge Hot Stove $100 fee for rental of the concession building is a total fabrication of someone's imagination and totally without any foundation in fact!!!

Marian reported no meetings for Economic Development or Records Commission yet.

No report from the Village Solicitor.

Under Other Business Kevin Knight reported that the white dump truck was sold for $750.00. We need to replace by fall as the big dump cannot mow the circles

In a very brief guest recognition Mr Quiggle shared his concern with Council about not pursuing the hearing on unemployment benefits.

Prior to entering Excutive Session to discuss legal issues regarding the Fire Dept and contractual concerns with Atty. Manlove, it was announced that there would be no action taken following the Exec Session and that the Council Meeting would be recessed until 7PM on Monday, July 25, 2005.

At 7:46PM M Garrett moved to enter Exec Session for the reasons stated. Bob Donham seconded. Aye votes: J Minotti, S Garrett, M Garrett, B Donham & J Moore. Nay: none. Motion carried.

At 9:14PM M Garrett moved to return to Open Session. J Minotti seconded. Aye votes: J Minotti, S Garrett, M Garrett, B Donham, J Moore. Nay: none. Motion carried.

At 9:15PM S Garrett moved to recess the meeting. Seconded by M Garrett. There being no dissenting vote, the meeting stood recessed.

Assume all spelling errors to be on the part of a bad computer scan, because we’ve finally figured out how to work the scanner to identify printed type, but still refuse to use spellcheck.


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