Friday, July 08, 2005

I'm Miffed

So I’m taking my nightly jaunt through “Maple Grove Park” (read:  the Projects), and I’m nearly to the end of Maple Grove Drive and I hear a bit of commotion.  There’s this shirtless man strutting about pretty much like an animal, breathing heavy and the like.  Being intrigued, I pulled the car over just far enough away to not be obvious, but close enough to be able to hear what was going on. 

From what I gathered, this guy was mad at some kids, likely his own, because they were too loud and were crying.  As far as I could tell, the child was under one year old.  Being the pinnacle of civility that this man was, he did his gorilla impression walking around a car, then going up and overturning a baby stroller (without the baby in it, thankfully).  One of the neighbors said that he was drunk and that it was a regular occurence to have the police down there to calm him down.  Color me surprised.

After overturning the stroller, he announced that he was going inside to get a knife.  Everyone else didn’t seem to take him to seriously, much to my surprise.  I take knives very seriously.  Especially around kids. Things calmed down quickly, after he choked his dog that was chained to the back of the apartment. 

Can someone explain to me what kind of idiot it takes to get so drunk that you’re a physical threat to those that are around you?  Another neighbor told me that his girlfriend/fiancee/wife/live-in busted him in the face before I arrived, trying to shut him up.  I can guarantee you that this woman’s one of those who says “But he loves me” and would never leave him, even considering the physical threat he poses to himself and those around him. 

I’m not one to promote violence in most cases, but if there was ever a person who was just asking for a mouthful of fist, its this guy.  These are the types that need cleaned out of any community, not just our own.

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