Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Is this a slow month or is it just me?  Are we all just waiting for the new year to start to get back into the swing of things?  Hey, could this be the magic of Christmas?  More likely the dread of cold weather.  Things should warm back up with new faces on Council and all at the beginning of the year.

And there’s always that tax issue that’s going to be on the ballot.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

*cough cough*

Some guy (the Honorable John Snow) had a speech the other day.  Here’s an excerpt.

In May 2003 when President Bush worked with Congress to enact the tax policy that lowered the rates on dividends and capital gains, there were many skeptics.  Critics of the proposal disputed our view that this reform would create jobs and spur economic growth.  One critic called the plan "tragic"; another leader said it was "reckless" and wouldn't create jobs.
But the past 30 months have demonstrated just how powerful those reforms were… and how mistaken our critics were.  The evidence that that was the right policy prescription for America stream in every day:
• 4.5 million new jobs created;
• unemployment running lower than the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s;
• GDP growth averaging over 4.0% annually;
• household wealth at an all-time high;
• federal revenues increasing;
• U.S. equity markets rising steadily;
• Dividends paid to shareholders – millions of whom are senior citizens and middle class – are up.
There are a lot of things you can say about these statistics, but neither "tragic" nor "reckless" come to mind.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

James Lileks' 2005 Retrospective

I heartily agree.

Linky linky

T & J's

If you haven’t taken the time to go down to the restaurant since its changed hands (again) it would be well worth your while.  The food is excellent, service is good, and prices are pretty much what you’d expect from a local restaurant.  I’ve also noticed that its been busy in the evenings, which is a great sign.  Keep up the good work folks!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


After Thanksgiving, my wife having surgery, kids being sick, and the car breaking down, I think that things are getting back on track.  I hope to be able to get down to the Administrative offices in the next day or so to get some meeting notes/minutes and also get a list together of what Council did in the year 2005.  That will probably have to be done on my own time. 

And who knows what else is in store?

Monday, December 05, 2005

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Its Contest Time!!!!

Well, the Christmas season is in full swing, and people have been setting out some nice decorations.  Let’s have ourselves a bit of a contest, shall we?

House Decoration

Nominate any house in Windham Village or Township as the best decorated house in our community.  The home that I judge to be the best (campaigning allowed!) will win a $15.00 gift certificate to a local eatery (T&J’s, Stoneys, Sparkle…they’ve got chicken).

Best Picture of a Display

Send in your best picture of any display of Christmas lights (not necessarily local, but bonus points go to local home pictures).  Again, I’ll judge the pictures, and post all of them here so everyone can see them.  The best also gets a $15.00 gift certificate.

The end date for both contests is going to be on December 20, so there’s plenty of time to get things in order.  If no one gets involved in this, I’ll be having a nice meal on December 21.

Nominations and pictures can be sent to my email address,

Any further questions can be directed there or be made in the comments section here.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Good economic news

Sorry to the folks who continue to insist that things are going badly.

Cleveland Fed sees economic growth

Economic conditions across the region showed "gradual improvement across a broad array of industries" over the last six weeks, the Cleveland branch of the Federal Reserve said Wednesday.