Tuesday, May 17, 2005

This day in history

Every once in a while I cruise over to the History Channel’s “This Day in History” site.  Its really interesting, and usually has something I’d not heard of before.  Today it talks about Thor Heyerdahl, whom I’ve actually heard of.  He’s a noted Norwegian archaeologist and researches many lost cultures.  The odd thing is that I can recall my Physics teacher, Mr. Eisinger, talk about him.  I don’t really know how it had anything to do with physics, perhaps something about carbon dating.  Its weird how you remember the strangest things sometime.

I loved physics and chemistry in high school. I had originally intended to go into college and become a chemical engineer, but at the last minute, decided to major in music education, which I promptly dropped after the first semester, realizing that my drive to practice was not exactly what my instructors though it should have been.  I worked back into chemistry, but eventually dropped out of school a year and a half later.  I still think back to those high school days, studying elementary quantum mechanics (if there really is such a thing).  I loved it.  The idea that you can only give a best guess as to where an electron is around the nucleus of an atom is astounding to me.  Science, for all of its constants and standards, could not explain the simplest of all mater, the atom.  It could give only its best guess. 

Can I talk about Neils Bohr now, or would that be bohring?  (yeah, its a bad pun, but hey, what do you really expect here?)

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