Monday, May 09, 2005

Majoring in Minors


Recurring Themes

It astounds me sometime to hear the things about which people complain. We have a problem with focusing upon those things which really don't matter in the long run. When I was in high school, it was absoluttely necessary for me to wear my Z Cavarricci jeans, because that was the style of the time and it would be terrible for me to go against the norm. Later, the Goth movement arose (but I did not participate) in retaliation to that exact kind of thinking. A few kids decided that they would totally reject modern culture as fed by the media and wear all black, dye their hair black, and just basically try to stay from modern society. The problem is that they didn't realize that their rejection of the mainstream would eventually become mainstream itself. Today entire clothing companies and stores cater to this demographic. We argue about the things that we wear, that we drive, that get left behind, that get in our way, and all the whiele we miss the bigger picture.

These things don't make us who we are.

Some people think that they do though. Many in the commmunity of Windham are caught up in the affairs of one man, and his perceived ability to get things to go his way (Hi Jim!). The misconception is that the people don't think that they can do anything about the situation. We've pointed out numerous times that all government figures are accountable to voters, either today or eventually. There are some that are disturbed that one team in the Hot Stove league is afforded better uniforms, because they have richer parents or whatever reason is contrived to make the person feel better about themselves.

Life isn't fair.

I never really has a lot when I was growing up. There were always things that I wanted that I didn't get. My parents overtly or otherwise let me know that we can't have everything that we want. We have to have a desire within ourselves to gain the things that we want through profitable means. I can't go around and demand things and expect people to give them to me. In an ideal world, everyone would be equal, and we'd wear those cool Star Trek uniforms and we wouldn't have to worry about how we look. And I'd be just as smooth as Captain Kirk. And all members of the opposite sex woulo look and dress like Lieutenant O'Hura or Deanna Troi. Hubba. But I digress. There are many more important things to be concerned about than what a single baseball team is going to be wearing as they play their games.

Look at the bigger picture. When whomever looks back at this team in the future, are they going to compliment them on their uniforms or on their record? And for that matter, look back about 30 years. Are you proud of the things you wore back then? What about your hairstyle?

Whoever thought up bellbottoms anyway? Yikes.

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