Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ahh well

Seems as if the RINO’s have won the day, though not to all that much surprise from me.  Certainly I’d hoped to at least have some fun with filibuster busting or something, simply because its an awesome phrase to say, but nonetheless.

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Saad and Myers have been “tossed under the bus” for no real good reason except that minority of Senators disliked them.  I don’t remember voting for that.  Weird.

Historically, Republicans have taken the high road when it came to judicial nominations of Democratic presidents, even when they were rather hard to swallow.  On the same token, Democrats have nearly always taken the low road when it came to unpalatable Republican presidents’ nominations.  Remember the notable Robert Bork?  How about Clarence Thomas?  Thomas made it through by the skin of his teeth because the Democrats couldn’t make any of the charges against him stick.  They had to vote him through just to not look like abject racists, or morons, take your pick. 

I do not expect the Republicans to take the low road if/when they are in the minority in the Senate.  (Yeah, I suppose that it could happen someday, don’t plan on it though.)  They’ve not shown that characteristic ever before.  Heck, they don’t filibuster anything, much less judicial nominees. 

In the end, its not the end of the world or anything, just a demonstration that there are still way too many people who think that “we should all just get along”.  We wouldn’t want to get our nicely polished shoes dirty now would we?


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