Thursday, May 12, 2005

So well...umm..

Well, its been over a week since the school levy passed and the village levy failed.  Everyone has taken their rest it seems, as everything has pretty much become quiet all around.  Snarking on the Discussion Board has lowered greatly, as has most activity. 

Let us not let ourselves become lazy in this time of reflection.  There is much to do in our little town that needs to be put on the right track.  The Streets department is doing their job, today on North Main working on curb sides, cutting back the overgrown lawns and the like.  Its looking good all over the place.  Any potholes in the road have been filled with cold patch.  The places on Maple Grove where the road had been cut out for utilities have been filled.  New houses continue to spring up in the projects.  There is hope for our community if we only strive to find it.  Of course, coming out of a really cruddy winter helps greatly also.

I know that there are a few of you who read my nonsense off and on, and I’m specifically asking for your input here.  What would you like to see done around town?  I’m personally interested in developing the land by Katherine Thomas Elementary, I think it would be great for the community, and possibly attractive to the Ohio High School Athletic Association if done well.  It would be great to host a district baseball or softball tournament, and not entirely out the realm of possibility if the facility is nice enough.

I’m sure that there are other great ideas out there.  Let’s get started with these things.  Comment below.

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