Friday, April 08, 2005

Weekly news from people who aren't me.

Most likely to show up on The Villager's site sometime soon, because it is in the paper released today.

"Because of computer system problems, the March 2005 water/sewer utility billing will not be mailed until April 15. As a result, residents can pay their bill without penalty until April 30. Meanwhile, payments will be accepted at the Village Office. Anyone with questions may call 330-326-3633, ext. 5."

Glitches in computer systems happen all the time. Many people make a great deal of money diagnosing and repairing software problems like this one every day. When it becomes habitual is the time to become concerned. Has the turnover in the Village Office had detrimental effects? Who's to say? Let's just hope that these problems will quickly go away as we move past all these recent issues with which the village has been dealing.

"Library Week in Windham - April 10-16

The Windham LIbrary invites everyone to drop in an visit during National Library Week, April 10-16. Children will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite book character and the results will be posted in the library..."

And Harry Potter wins again. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

"Circus of Services - April 20

Come join the fun on Wednesday evening, April 20, at Windham Head Start.... This year our annual 'Community Awareness Day' will have a circus games...prizes, and much more for the kids.... This free event is from 4:30 -6:30 pm. For more information call 330-326-3739."

Perhaps you didn't know, but Windham's Head Start program is one of the better ones in the county, even though other programs in larger towns keep raiding our teachers and administrators. It's a testiment to the local faculty, and also the parents of these children that the program continues, and with success. If you do have a little bit of time on the 20th, stop down and offer a word of encouragement to these fine workers.

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