Friday, April 22, 2005

The Best News I've Heard All Week

Go ahead and eat that Big Mac. Have two if you like.

From TechCentralStation

The real answer, however, is to be found in a companion article also published in JAMA. It notes that despite the fact that Americans have supposedly gotten fatter, the prevalence of high cholesterol level, and high blood pressure -- in short the risk factors for cardiovascular disease -- have declined. Even the prevalence of diabetes, the authors note, remained stable. So given that the prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk factors has declined and the rate of diabetes has stayed stable, it is impossible for so-called obesity-related deaths to increase.

In a world without junk science, results like these would mark the end of the supposed obesity epidemic that is killing us by the thousands. Unfortunately the public health community is already busily discounting the CDC's numbers and telling us that whatever the science says, fat kills. Don't count on it.
Those are the last two paragraphs in the article, and its the last one that I find the most interesting. We've been too long fed the idea that no matter what we eat, it could likely kill us. Remeber the cycle of "eggs good, no wait, eggs are bad, umm, we made a mistake, eggs are good again, paging Dr. Atkins, paging Dr. Atkins." There seems to be a lot of contrived science out there that people are pushing because they have an agenda. Be it obesity, global warming, ANWAR, or whatever else, people "ooh" and "aah" when a scientist has anything to say about it. The evidence produced is not always the best collected evidence. Much like economics, scientific numbers can be skewed to make my ideas look good.

Pass the salt.

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