Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Mightiest Fire Hydrant

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This amazing fire hydrant on Short has refused to be fixed by the Windham Water Department. Actually, it seems as if no one has taken the time to actually repair the leaky fixture. As seen in the picture above, it has been wrapped with duct tape and what looks to be a plastic trash bag.

A rough estimation shows that this hydrant is losing about a gallon of water a minute. Neighbors say that it has been "nearly a year" since the hydrant began to leak. Taking an extremely conservative estimate of beginning in September, our figures show that this wimpy wimpy wimpy repair has allowed three hundred thousand (300,000) gallons of water to flow into the city drainage system.

Stop by sometime and admire this amazing, mighty little fire hydrant.

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OBXMedic said...

It was great to see the fire hydrant that is in front of our house on the internet!
It has been broken since the last time the hydrants were flushed last summer and has leaked water fairly constant since then. The birds loved it, they could bathe and get something to drink anytime.
I spoke to the former Village Administrator in the early fall '04 and told him something needed to be done because cold weather was coming and the water would cause a problem when it froze. He told me there was a purchase order for a new hydrant but the former Clerk told me there was no money to replace it. They did come down and twist the hydrant tighter and stopped the water flow for a few months. Then one day it sprang a leak out the top and sprayed water all over the tree and grass. It looked like a winter iceland. I called a village official and they had someone place the current trash bag and duct tape you see in the picture over the hydrant. I was told by the Fire Chief and the Village Official that the hydrant would be fixed when "the weather broke" even if they had to hire outside help. I hope that that will be soon as the curb and devil strip is a mess and it is getting pretty old.