Friday, April 15, 2005

In the "News You Need to Know" file

Britney's baby is going to be a girl.

Paris Hilton is looking for someone new to be on "The Simple Life" with her.

Coby was voted out last night on Survivor: Palau

Michael Jackson needs to be deported back to his home planet.

You need to see the movie "Sahara". Remember the first Indiana Jones flick?

Download the Firefox internet browser. Do your part to make Bill Gates' day a little worse.

Politicians have a tendency to give kickbacks to those who are close to them. Oh wait, that's not news you need to know, its something that's blatantly obvious.

If anyone would actually investigate the UN's "Oil for Food" program, it would destroy the multinational body.

McDonalds has been hardening arteries for 50 years! Have a Big Mac to celebrate.

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