Wednesday, August 03, 2005


You say you didn’t get the memo?  I did.  It said that at least half of the bloggers that I read were required to take a long weekend.  So I took the time and decided to kick back myself.

Anyway, we did take a few days to ourselves, especially after learning that my mother’s house was broken into last Friday sometime (and no, she doesn’t live on Cloverleaf, she’s 100 miles from here).  The thieves made off with somewhere in the realm of $300.00 but any one of you who’ve had break-ins of your home know that its not so much the money that was taken, but simply the fact that the house was broken into.  They did take my dad’s wallet and a ceramic bank that I made for him about 20 years ago, which hurts since he only passed away seven months ago.  She’s readily armed with one of the shotguns beside her bed now, and hopefully is about to get back to sleeping well soon.  I did have the opportunity to talk to one of our Amish friends and he recounted the robbery that occurred in his own home, while the entire family was in bed.  I think that would frighten me the most, but I have a tendency to snore, so most thieves would think that there was a bear in the house and run away.  Except now I’ve given away the secret. 

Note:  If you’re planning on breaking into my house, I actually *do* have a bear. 

It was nice to be home for a day though.  The family owns about 40 acres of land in a nice quiet valley with twittering birds, bubbling brook, baying cattle, and playful fawns.  Its pretty much a Disney film come to life.  Except without the hot redheaded mermaid.  Disappointing, I know.  And by the way, being far away from people, with the nearest neighbor over a half mile away?  It is all its cracked up to be.  While Windham is a groovy little town with all kinds of little quirks to like and dislike, there’s nothing like living in the country.  When you jam people together like you do in a city, even a small town like this one, people just go out of their ways to find something to complain about. 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s political division in the country, even on a single farm.  The difference is that the cows usually are more concerned about feeding time than whether we had proper cause to go to war in Iraq.  Believe me, if they don’t get their way, they get pretty persnickety.  Not all that different from some people I know.  In either case.

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