Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Color me surprised

Yeah, I’m as tired of Sheehan and the endless media coverage of her as the next guy.  As the next three or four guys most likely, because the first two I usually come across give me that blank stare and say, “Who?”  I’ll bet if I mention the word “Paris”, they’d perk up immediately.

Anyway, posted on no less than Arab News:

End the Debacle Ms. Sheehan

Ms. Sheehan and other appeasers around the world provide the fuel that feeds the fire of terrorism. If not for this fuel, terrorists would realize that they do not have a chance to sway the minds of people and would end the bombing. Terrorists are not stupid, they understand that bombing innocent civilians will not change the minds of the strong, but will break the will of the weak. So they attack the weak and the weak fold.

Huzzah to free speech!  In the Arab world at least.  I’d like to see the New York Times put this in their pages somewhere.

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