Thursday, August 11, 2005


At least this is what I’m hoping happens today.  First, we have the lovely and gracious Fifty Plus study at church, which I lead, even though I’m only 31, but they keep telling me that its cool and all, and I still question it sometimes, I think they’re just coddling the cute kid preacher.  You see, Fifty Plus is supposed to be a Bible study group for folks who are above the age of fifty.  Its a bit of a novelty for a “kid” like me to be teaching it.  I’ve learned at least as much from them as they’ve learned from me (hopefully).  A side benefit is that every few weeks, we solve all the world’s problems in the space of a half hour, so we have that going for us.

Later on today, I’m going to be posting two items of a Village Council nature.  First, there was a Council meeting during the last week of July that I’ll be posting; its more lengthy than I expected.  Second, Chief DeSalvo presented a statement before Council on Tuesday evening that was requested to be made part of the Village Council Notes/Minutes-To-Be.  Officially, these will be “attached” to the Minutes and not quoted inline, so I’ll be posting them here separately.  Its pretty clear where the Chief is coming from, and very eye-opening information for those of us who did not know the complexity of the situation at the Windham Police Department.

In a couple of days, I expect to have the Council notes from the most recent meeting.  I also hope to get hold of one of the Township Trustees and start getting some of their information to the public also.  Have a nice day (it looks to be a good one so far)!

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