Thursday, August 18, 2005

From my eclectic blog travels, I give you The Black Voice News, and more directly, an article by the name of A Practice of Selective Protest.

I’ll highlight my favorite parts inline.

I often wonder why African American activists and concerned community members rush to rally against the police department o­n a regular basis at the slightest hint of impropriety but are conspicuously absent in the confrontation against criminals, except for sex offenders that is.

It’s hypocrisy to run every sex offender out of the neighborhood after he has served his time when other felons are allowed to roam freely. It’s an unreasonable notion to believe that every sex offender is destined to repeat his crime; however, no female sex offenders are run out of neighborhoods although the rate of females as sex offenders are o­n a constant rise.

Hundreds of felons ranging from drug dealers, murderers, robbers, burglars, arsonists, and gang members, to name a few, are released from California prisons everyday and none are barred from any neighborhood. Most violent criminals are released from prison without even being ordered to wear an ankle monitor, as the nonviolent Martha Stewart is required; but that’s another story.

I often wonder why community activists don’t rally to get known unsavory characters from their neighborhoods but are so quick to come out full force against the police department. It often seems as if the community turns the other cheek to the criminal behavior of many to crucify the misconduct of a few. Such actions from the citizenry are tantamount to the gazelles o­n the Serengeti protesting the illegal hunting of the lions. If a reduction of crime is the concern of the people then blatant and widespread poor parenting skills must be addressed.

It seems reasonable that if certain parents have consistently proven to have no control over their criminal children, the NAACP, Brotherhood Crusade, Project Islamic Hope, the Nation of Islam, well-known activists, and any number of the popular Black politicians, lawyers or newspapers would not turn the other cheek.

When a criminal is videoed being conked o­n the head with a flashlight by policemen, the usual uproar against the police department and sympathy coupled with civil litigation for the criminal is manifested; this is a constant pattern in the War o­n Crime in the African American and Hispanic community.

It’s discouraging to many to witness a community that marches and rallies, with their teeth clenched and fist balled up, against the police department or school district but behave as passive cattle being chased by predatory animals o­n the real battlefield for a safer community.

If a community assembles to get rid of sex offenders who have served their time, that’s fine, but why not also protest in front of the homes of other known violent criminals and troublemakers; including the homes of parents who cannot or will not properly train their children to respect the law.

I believe that if the concerned community activists could expose every household that is a haven for criminals and forbid them from returning to the neighborhood instead of turning the other cheek it would show true solidarity; not selective protest. This is not a bizarre or brutal concept; potential tenants of public housing and Selection 8 Housing Programs are required to sign moral conduct agreements at the risk of eviction for violation of the law or threatening behavior.

Poor parenting plays a greater role in the destruction of a community than most other possible causes. Poor parenting however does not anger the community. Parenting Programs should be made mandatory for parents in their child has more than o­ne arrest or school suspension within a o­ne-year period.

Many children are being raised by grandparents because their mom or dad is in prison or addicted to drugs. Unfortunately, it is often poor parenting skills of the grandparent that contributed to the decay of the family. Selective protest is tantamount to winning the Lottery but losing the ticket.

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