Wednesday, August 10, 2005

So you live in the new homes...

…and you don’t have enough room in that space that purports to be a living room?  I ran into a fellow who did a bit of remodelling on his place that included an inventive idea.  Instead of packing the television against one of the two walls (or three if you don’t mind it falling into the steps one day), he built a shelf over the steps that leads to the lower level of the house.  By doing this, he could turn around his entire living room set to face the stairwell, adding quite a bit of space to the cramped living room.

I can’t really describe in detail how he did it or anything, but it easily held about 750 pounds of equipment, plus had an in-the-wall section for the components such as stereo, vcr, dvd and the like.  It was really well done.  If anyone would like to know how to get in contact with him, get in touch with me.

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