Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dearest "uptight"

(Because I didn’t feel like posting it at the Discussion Forum)

Living up to that name, aren't we?  As for the pictures, they're still sitting on my comp here.  I'm pretty disappointed in them, as they didn't turn out as well as I'd wished.  And honestly, I lost a bit of interest in the whole State thing when our teams made an early exit.  I'll post the good ones soon.

Kudos to those teams though, to progress to that level is truly a great accomplishment of which they should be proud.

And as for...

Please don't tell me about being a Minister, because we all have our day jobs.

Actually, I don't think I've ever told anyone on here about being a minister.  Thanks for taking the responsibility upon yourself to reveal it unto the masses.  Am I ashamed?  Not in the least, but I've always believed that information of a personal sort (including names, addresses, employment, and the like) should only be revealed by those who are personally involved.  How often have we argued on here about people revealing names and where they work? 

I'd also venture a guess that there are many people in this village who are more informed about what's going on around here now than they were six months ago.  I attribute that to the discussion on the forum.  (And IMNSHO, here also.)  My belief is that in the next six months, we will continue to see more involvement by persons in the community, as there is always a tendency for involvement to lag behind interest.

We have an election cycle that people have already taken an interest in.  These people are not necessarily out in the community doing the heavy lifting, but they are taking an interest in Village matters.  Is their involvement less important because they weren't painting buildings?  Are those people who have no interest in sports of lesser citizenship because they didn't get involved with the Hot Stove tournament?  Be careful whom you denigrate, because the net that you cast may catch fish that you didn't intend to ensnare.

Wow, that was really longer than it should have been.

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