Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Upcoming "Mini" Debate

Obviously I missed Wednesday evening Bible study, and I'm sure that John let everyone know that I wasn't wigging out on the statement I made at the close of last week's study. I'm at work people! Right now! (Just don't tell my boss, who's in the dining room presently. Shhhhh!)

Next Wednesday night I will be defending the position of "1 Corinthians 7:39 does not prevent a Christian widow from marrying a non-Christian". John will be defending the conrary position that it does prevent a Christian widow from marrying a non-Christian.

I'm really looking forward to this and hope that I can put on a good defense of what I beleive to be true. It is also my opinion that this falls into the "non-salvific" category. That's such a great word. Salvific. I've only ever heard it a couple of times and there's really no way to work it into a sermon or anything. It has to do with matters of salvation. For example, baptism is a salvific issue. Exercise would be non-salvific, or not directly tied to salvation. Faith is a salvific issue, because you definitely need it to have salvation.

Maybe I'll use that on Wednesday, and all of you who read this can snicker to yourselves. :)

And while my post below pretty much gives you the gist of what I'm going to be talking about, worry not! I do have a few other verses to mention. ;)

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