Thursday, November 30, 2006

Storytime, as related by the Mrs.

Lady Windhamite had an interesting encounter at her work yesterday.  It seems that there was a substitute teacher at one of the schools in town yesterday that had her van break down on Maple Grove near Katherine Thomas Elementary.  She related to the Doctor that Lady works for that she feared for her life, because she just knew that if she stayed there she would be raped or murdered or mugged because the Projects were such a horrible area.  She refused to leave the van there because she was afraid it might have been broken into (which I can fully understand).  She also said that one of her unruly students threatened to track down where she lived and kill her.

You can’t beat press like that.  I think the last statement is a fabrication, because if someone told a teacher that, they are required to report it to the administration. 

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