Saturday, June 11, 2005

Villager Article on the Fire District Proposal

Via The Villager and AconcernedCitizen's post at Windham’s Takeforum Discussion Board (linked at the right):

 Village seeks joint fire district

Jody Schroath

June 10, 2005
The Windham Council’s Personnel Committee and Mayor Jess Starkey took their concerns over the Windham Fire District and EMS service on the road last Thursday when they presented a plan for a joint fire district to Windham Township trustees during their meeting. They did not expect to be welcomed with open arms, and they weren’t.

Read the rest at the links referenced above.  Its basically a rundown of the short presentation and what was stated in the letter that we posted a couple of days ago.  Personally, I would have preferred more coverage of the Township’s position, but as it likely hasn’t been publicly discussed, this would be a bit more troublesome to discover.

Oh wait.

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