Monday, June 20, 2005

It feels like....

Wow, it looks as if my vacation lasted a little longer than I originally expected.  I really didin’t do all that much last week did I?  Except for that whole Fire District procedure I suppose, but hey, community service and all.

Its times like this I pause and think to myself, “Self, what are you really doing after all?”  Then I think, “Well, first of all, you’re basically talking to yourself, which means you’re either insane, or, well, ok fine, you’re crazy.” 

These are the strange conversations that run around in my head.  Its an interesting place to be sometimes.  I think I’ve actually lost an argument with myself a few times, though I’m not quite sure how that worked out. 

In other news, if you haven’t watched the show “Hit Me Baby, One More Time” and you grew up in the 80’s, slap yourself upside the head and watch it next time its on.  Its on NBC Thursday nights at 9, and thank TiVO, I continue to be able to watch it.  Along with Quantum Leap, Stargate, a multitude of Texas Hold-em Poker shows, et cetera.  Nights have a tendency to be late around here sometimes.

The garden is growing.  I’m actually staying ahead of the weeds this time.  Unfortunately a side effect of keeping ahead of them is that my flower beds aren’t in the best shape.  Curse you twenty-four hour day!


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