Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Its passed

Well, it looks like the State of Ohio has a new budget set pretty much in place.  Its going to the Governor’s desk, and since he was the one who proposed it, I’m guessing he’ll sign it.  There’s always the fun of the line-item Veto though, and that’s always sweetness and light.

I have to admit that I was mistaken in advising that the Village institute a Sales Tax to replace the .5% reduction that was proposed.  In Ohio, it appears that Villages and Cities do not have the right to levy any sales tax.  I can understand why I guess, but it would have been a nice fix for our present financial struggles.

Regardless, I do feel badly for you imbibers of alcoholic beverage and smoker of rich Virginia leaf (ok, cheap Mexico leaf with the present taxes).  Your prices go up a little bit once more.  One pack a day would buy one half of my weekly gas usage, even with the prices we have now.  Yikes.

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