Saturday, June 18, 2005

Moonbats...and such

Remember that Hitler post from a week ago?  Well, guess what?  Here comes Dick Durbin, Senator from the state of Illinois.  Apparently life really sucks for the folks being held down at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, more lovingly known as Gitmo.  Considering they are people who actively fought against troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, they do hold different status than, say, Martha Stewart.  Conditions are not the most favorable, being in the tropics and all, it tends to get hot, and also gets chilly at night.  Its worse than that really, butI digress. 

Mr. Durbin compared the treatment of prisoners by the US in the same light as the Nazis treated theirs.  Fair enough, I suppose, anyone can make an utterly foolish statement at any time that they want, it is truly a free country (though these prisoners were part of a group who actively wanted to change that).  Our soldiers turn the air conditioning way down, so that they shiver!  (Gasp!)  Then they turn it off so that they get hot!  (Wince!)  How can we not realize that this is equal to (or worse!) than the Nazis or Pol Pot, or as Amnesty International mentioned last week, equal to the Gulag.

Of course, let’s ignore some facts about those groups.

This form of so-called “torture” doesn’t even come close to what real torture is.  WARNING WARNING   The Jawa Report posts pictures of known torture by Hussein and others.  They are GRAPHIC, so don’t go without preparing yourself somehow.

Curiously absent in Durbin’s report is exactly who these people were?  Are they your average terrorist suspect or someone with pull?  Had they been model prisoners or the ones who’d always caused trouble and incited others to strife?  This information is left out so that one man could stand in the middle of the Senate and degrade the U.S. Military. 

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