Monday, June 27, 2005

For those of you scoring at home...

Recent Supreme Court decisions:

Government seizing of private land for private developmental use through which the public would benefit –  –  –  –  Court says go for it –  –  –  –  Bad court!

Should cable companies have to share their bandwidth lines with other telecommunications companies? –  –  –  –  Court says no –  –  –  –  Good court!

Peer to peer sharing is illegal and software makers are liable –  –  –  –  Court says send this one back to trial –  –  –  –  Good court!

The Ten Commandments should be allowed to be posted in public areas owned by the government –  –  –  –  Court says yes –  –  –  –  (see next line)

The Ten Commandments should be allowed to be posted in public areas where court proceedings take place –  –  –  –  Court says no –  –  –  –  Confusing court!

To elaborate on a couple of points:

No governmental body should be allowed to overtake privately owned land unless there is provable eminent domain.  This nonsense of the government seizing land so that some developers could come in and build a minimall or some such thing in the Northeast frosts me to no end.  I know that you all have come to know me as the kind, gentle, evil, right-wing, conservative, baby seal clubbing Republican that I am that suckles at the teat of big business, so this might throw you for a loop.  When it comes to being a private citizen in the United States, property ownership should be one of our sacred cows.  It should never be trifled with, especially in a grab for tas revenue.  Using this thinking, the Village of Windham should negotiate a contract with some business to make Windham the Beans and Weenies Capital of the World.  Upon negotiating said contract, we’ll just seize every home in the projects, give each one “fair-market value” of their homes, raze them, and build our monument to the greatness of Beans and Weenies.  Tax dollars will flow in from visitors to the awesome structure, and the Village will be on solid financial footing forever.  Problems solved, the peons have been paid off to move to another area.  If ownership is not respected in this country, we’re not far from becoming a socialist state.  That may sound extremist, but what country places the needs of the government above the needs of the private citizen?

As for the Ten Commandments being placed on government land, its really not a big deal to me.  I understand the drive of many to reinsert religion into the daily life of the US citizen, and wholeheartedly support it.  I don’t understand, though, how putting replicas of the Commandments in a public area is going to accomplish the feat.  I would think that a more personal avenue would be better suited for bringing about a change of attitude.

And now for the biggie (and for all you Christian type folks in the audience)…

We don’t even live under the Ten Commandments anymore.  Jesus died so that the New Testament would be in force, not the Old Testament.  The Ten Commandments are part of the Old Testament.  I don’t think that Jesus would have his followers to say, “Well yeah, but its better than nothing.” 

Well, that could make for an interesting argument or two.  Have at it!

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