Monday, December 04, 2006

You know, there are quite a few folks who come to this little blog that’s been kind of running on and off for about a year and a half now.  I get all kinds, and even allow some people from Garrettsville to come over and read.  There are times when I am totally amused by some of the comments on here. 

A few posts below this one, the one where I relate the Mrs.’ story that was told to her, someone asks the question why I would post something like that, asks when I’m leaving, and then comes up with a “minister, huh?” comment that really doesn’t make much sense in context. 

First of all, to whomever wrote that, hi!  Thanks for stopping by.  You’ve driven up my page views and doubled my Adspace revenue ($0.00 and counting!) for this month. 

So I’m sitting back here and wondering why someone would be so offended by posting something like that and realize, its because they don’t want to face reality.  That is a genuine account from someone who actually said those things.  Should we bury our collective heads in the sand and run away from it?  We can’t, if we ever expect to change the view of Windham as a whole.  That is one of the perspectives that exist out there right now, whether we like it or not. 

And yes, I’m still here.  I do still plan on moving, but obviously not quickly enough for this person.  According to them, when I leave, their worldview will become much better, Windham will magically become a nicer place to live, the lion will lay down with the lamb, drugs and alcoholism in town will evaporate, a thousand police officers will be able to be employed by the Village and Jesus himself will return.  Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until next summer sometime.  And even then, I still might just keep posting stuff about Windham.

Why?  Because I can.

To the last “minister” comment, I’ve always been amused by the thought that most people seem to have that ministers/preachers are perfect in every point.  Every church is plagued with people who are more than happy to put the person that fills the pulpit on a very tall pedestal, disregarding the fact that the person is just that.  A person.  Read your New Testament and see that Jesus wasn’t always peaches and cream in his preaching.  He called people hypocrites and vipers.  He got angry.  He used sarcasm.  He wasn’t always what most people today want in a preacher.  We have the itching ears of 2 Timothy 4.  If someone doesn’t fit into our mold, he’s obviously wrong and should be made fun of until he falls into line.  We want to be catered to and have everything given to us on a silver platter.  It doesn’t work that way, by design. 

And to top it off, the author was so proud of their comment that they signed it “anonymous”.  Nice lack of testicular fortitude there.

Yeah, I suppose that kind of set me off.  Sorry.

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