Tuesday, December 05, 2006

So I have these kids...

What is up with so many kids being sick this year?  Mine have had laryngitis, some random cold, this new head/cough thing, and its only December.  We haven’t even had our annual Flu Turnstile start yet.  Everyone knows what that is, one kid brings it home, passes it to a brother, who gives it to Dad, then to Mom, then to the other kid, then, if you’re REALLY lucky, it goes back to the first kid and you get to have another round of it or something very similar!  Whee!

Its especially awesome when the sick kid starts on Friday and you have all kinds of things planned for the weekend.  You know, its time to set up the Christmas tree, but watch out for Wheezes over there, dont’ pick up what she’s handing out, you won’t like it, believe me. 

Then there’s the Phantom Puker who shows up in the middle of the night to do his business on your kids bed, but they don’t wake up in the process.  There’s nothing like walking into a closed room with the humidifier running and getting hit with the rosy aroma of old vomit.  I love being a parent! 

For you folks who are reading this just after supper, I apologize for that last comment.  I’m sure that just mentioning that caused you to vomit in your mouth a bit.  Again, I apologize.

As much as we joke around about having a test before allowing someone to be a parent, its things like this that need to be taught to our youth in middle and high school.  Don’t go handing out condoms to guys or anything, just have them take care of a sick kid for one night and remind them that kids are what happen if you have sex.  Its what the whole “process” was designed for.  Yeah, kids all cute and cuddly sometimes, but the other things that are hidden in the whole package are not nearly as pleasant.

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