Saturday, December 02, 2006


So at around 12:30 or so this afternoon, the electric flickered off here at the house just after the biggest gust of wind of the day blew through.  I think I saw a few children fly by my back window, but I couldn’t open it fast enough to catch them.  I know I saw a teacher with a black dress riding a bicycle too, she was saying something about a dog I think. 

Anyway, later I took a drive to survey some of the damage around town since the fire siren went off at least five times, and I was flat out astonished at what I found.  Befuddled.  Perplexed. 

There were many residents of Windham that were without power for hours this afternoon.  The number of the unfortunate is simply unknown.  But you know who had electricity at his house?  That’s right.  C. James Moore.  I don’t know if this guy has a deal with the First Energy or has a pact with the great Electric Gods in the sky, but there’s something very wrong going on here.  How is it fair for someone who holds a position of power to hoard electricity like that and not share it with his fellow residents?  Where does he get off thinking that his power needs are greater than my own?  I think that the Village Council should take a serious look at the power lines around his home and check for blatant tampering or some device that sucks electricity covertly from the surrounding homes.

Because, c’mon, everyone thinks that the guy is the source for every bad thing in town, why not blame him for the power outage? 

Sarcasm anyone?

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