Wednesday, September 28, 2005

On Thirty-Two

And counting.

Sure, some of you are thinking, geez, what’s he complaining about?  Others are thinking, frack, he’s old.  Of course, there are likely others just saying, get on with it pal, you’re wasting my time.

I agree.

Life since thirty-one hasn’t been what I nearly wanted it to be.  Its definitely in the bottom three, perhaps the worst year of my life overall. 

The event of the year has to be when my dad died.  Its easily the lowest point of the year, and also one of the lowest points of my life.  I relied on my father for so many things, but most of all just to talk things out about dealing with being a preacher and being a good Christian example when things aren’t going so well in life.  Dad was always good to talk to, especially during his last years when he was battling cancer.  I think he learned a lot about perseverance, because I certainly learned a lot during those last few years from him.

I was to the hospital twice for as-yet-unknown stomach ailments.  Hospitalized in January for the condition, but no real diagnosis yet.  This greatly concerns me.  No, I don’t think its cancer or anything life threatening at all, but who really wants to go through life with things going on in your own body that you have no clue as to what’s doing on?

Our car’s engine blew up a few months back.  No, its not in the same category as the other two points already made, but its certainly a negative influence. 

Good things have happened though.  I think.  Why is it so hard to remember the good things sometime?  Most times.  Ok, all the time. 

Most folks might argue with this one, but I think I’ve matured this year.  That’s a good thing, though I do still question why all of these nasty aches and pains that keep cropping up have to be connected with it.  I do still like to complain around those who are a bit more seasoned than me.  I think it really makes their day sometimes to say things like, “You haven’t seen anything yet” or “Just wait another 10 years and see what  you’ll be saying then.”  I think it gives them a sense of superiority, and rightly so.  I’m still a whippersnapper in the eyes of many, and always will be.  Absolutely nothing is wrong with that either.

I’ve gone more gray this year.  Positive or negative…you decide!  I have had fewer people think I’m forty though, which is a great improvement.  I don’t quite know how to take it though.  I think my age is finally catching up to my hair and now folks are keeping quiet about it.

The sad thing is that this started out so seriously, but has descended into this.  Of course, that’s the lesson that I continue to learn from year to year, which has once again been confirmed this year also.


Nearly everything can be funny, and life is much less meaningful if it is totally droll and tedious.  We can’t let negativity rule us.  Whether in the spiritual realm, political players, the work environment, or at home, there is no reason to have our panties in a continued bunch over things that we have little control over.  People work themselves into a tizzy over the most meaningless things.  Life is fun.  Its meant to be enjoyed.

Today is my birthday.  Its going to be a lovely Wednesday afternoon here in Northeast Ohio.  I only ask one favor of you all. 


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