Friday, March 24, 2006

Final Four

Certainly everone paying any kind of attention to the basketball events of late is a bit disappointed that we don’t get to watch the Bombers play tomorrow morning for the State Championship.  Those young men wanted to be there as much as those of us who were cheering them on did.  Let’s keep our focus though.

The Windham Bombers made the Final Four in the state of Ohio.  That’s no small feat.  To top it off, we have a great nucleas of players coming back next season, which could very well play to this high level.  Without doubt, we’ll miss the seniors and their leadership of this team, which they’ve done so well.  With Coach Hill and his steady hand guiding these players, great things will continue to come.

And lets just make sure it doesn’t take another 24 years to get back to Columbus again.  I don’t think anyone could take that. 

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