Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hey, there was a vote in Iraq...

I’m sure no one had any idea about it, because it was barely covered by the newtorks.  You know, its great to be able to liberate a country.  Its nice to allow people to be free.  Does their election need to be scrutinized as closely as Florida in 2000?  Yikes.  They’re doing alright, I get it.  Anyway, I’m happy for them, but doesn’t the writer of this piece seem a bit put off that it went so well?

Sunnis Appear to Fall Short in Iraq Vote

Iraq’s landmark constitution seemed assured of passage Sunday after initial results showed minority Sunni Arabs had fallen short in an effort to veto it at the polls. The apparent acceptance was a major step in the attempt to establish a democratic government that could lead to the withdrawal of U.S. troops.

Yes, those stinking Shiites just had too many people at the polls.  Journalism would have been so much more exciting if something else had happened.

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