Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sooner or later

Ok, so one looks around this quiet hovel in the snow-blanketed (though believe me, that's a relative term, right Windham type folks?) village of Glenmont, and find themselves prepared to call out to the world once again.

Far too long one might say, not nearly long enough another.

I debate within myself which side I fall upon, but that very question is answered by this dance of pixels on a vibrant stage. But what to address? What vital issue arises that needs the voice of someone far inferior to those who have gone before? Has a village council decided to navel-gaze rather than be forward looking? Has a lonely fire hydrant gone sour once again? Are there pizzas that need delivered?

Alas no.

Nothing exciting. Which is normal for every day life here in Holmes County, don't get me wrong. The seedy underbelly of life here doesn't really seem so seedy, though local folks would have you to believe that our problems are the same as the larger and more populated areas. Sure, drugs, alcohol, rampant stupidity and all of the other maladies of life persist, even here. On the other hand, we are still able to hide those things, rather than being played out in the open in many other communities. Our life is good, pleasant, yea verily. We deal more with disparity between east and west, the proverbial discord between the "haves" and "have nots". Thankfully, the naturally following whining is not as obvious, even though the dirty looks have persisted.

So let our discussion begin.

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