Tuesday, February 24, 2009


A nice tip of the hat to Seftor, a long-time acquaintance here on the intertubes. Below you see a Wordle overview of the Obama speech this evening.

Wordle: Obama's State of the Nation

To this, compare the most prominent speech that our previous president presented prior to projecting our power to parts previously unknown.

Wordle: George Bush - 9/11 speech

Its interesting that the "big" words are pretty much the same. The drumbeat is always the same no matter who is in office. Point one for anyone who wants to be president - ALWAYS TALK ABOUT AMERICA. Downplay the word "I" especially. Whether we're talking about terrrrrists or the economy, Americans like to hear about themselves. Maybe this is one of those things that proves a great point that I believe. Our nation is based largely on the inestimable value of hope. If you can inspire hope within the people of this nation, you will be the one leading it. Its been true since at least the days of Jimmy Carter. Perhaps longer, but I can't remember back that far.

Hope doesn't necessarily need to be tied to change, but it is far easier to package them together as a two for one deal.

Speaking of deals, if you'd like a night at the Inn where I work, call me in the next couple of days. Its bargain basement pricing! I was told to raise occupancy, but no mention was made about room rates. Come one come all!

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