Tuesday, April 17, 2007


In lieu of my own incoherent thoughts concerning the VT tragedy, here’s Jeff Harrell

It was the video games. No, wait. It was the violence on television. He snuck in to see an R-rated movie. He read a Bret Easton Ellis novel. He read two Bret Easton Ellis novels. Cover to cover. Twice.

It was the war. It was the glorification of death. It was porn. It was gay porn.

Somehow, it was the President, who let it happen. Or the opposing political party, who didn’t stop it. Or vice versa.

It was the cops, for not having enough security. It was the taxpayers, for not having enough cops.

It was the school pharmacy, for being closed on Sunday. It was the girlfriend, for cheating on her man. It was the other kid, for letting the girl cheat with him.

It was the school for allowing boys and girls to fraternize in the first place.

Oh, no. Wait. How silly of me. Of course it was the guns. Everything will be fine as soon as we get around to banning those.

Then things will be great.

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