Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Good Morning Kids! Its 3:45 pm and I’m just rolling out of bed. About a month and a half ago I took a job with Starbucks, evil corporate conglomerate that it is. Oh sure, they put on this aura of helping the environment and all, but lets be honest here, their coffee is expensive because they just happen to like money.

Anyway, there was a midnight position open there and a friend of mine told me to sign up. I’ve worked midnights before and it really doesn’t bother me terribly much, but it does put my whole routine out of sync with the rest of the world. That’s not good for blogging or even just keeping up with things. I should figure out how to post from my cell phone, limited service that I get there, and describe some of the freaks that come in to get coffee at 2:45 am. Actually, they usually order a tall soy mocha because they’re looking out for themselves, but then say go ahead and put whipped cream on top of it, which pretty much blows away the idea of looking out for themselves. It is pretty good stuff though. I do recommend the Hot Chocolate, or even a Cinnamon Dolce Steamer.

But I’m firm in my resolve. I’ve never actually drank Starbucks Coffee.

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