Monday, February 26, 2007

Someone Gets It

Perhaps you’ve seen the Piltz article in the Courier, if not, its online here. The new chief seems to really understand the position as being more than just pure law enforcement. In today’s world there is a second angle to the job of being a policeman that involves public image that didn’t exist previously. Just look at these two quotes:

"I think Windham really has got great potential; we just have to get out more so the people see us and know we’re taking preventative measures."

"In order to get public opinion to swing your way, you have to show them what you’re doing and what their taxes are paying for," he said. "We want to show them we’re professional, educated, competent and caring, but also that we’re going to be very proactive in law enforcement. I’ve been told that some people don’t want the police department here in the village, but that’s OK because we don’t want those people here,"

Sounds like the Mayor and Council made an excellent choice to replace retired Chief DeSalvo.

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