Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

To the women of the world who have taken on the most underappreciated job in the history of the planet:

Happy Mother’s Day

I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by two women in my life who have been excellent examples of motherhood.  First, my own mother who raised me to be the charming chap that I am today.  Without her example of patience and persistence, my perspective (alliteration!) would be totally different.  She showed me what love truly means and can do within a person, and how that love interacts with another person who loved her back, even though things may not always be perfect.  Everyone should be able to say that they love their mother, and have the love of their mother to show to others.  I’m lucky enough to be able to say the same.

My wife is the second dear mother in my life.  She has now raised three excellent children and shown them the same type of love that my own mother showed to me.  I’ve witnessed the struggles of young motherhood and how she has adapted to the changes in life, personality, and the simple differences between each of the kids.  She has shown how to be flexible, yet tenderly remaining resolute in the things which will better the kids’ lives.

To both of the mothers in my life, I love you dearly and couldn’t imagine life without you.

To everyone that is a mother, may the kind thoughts offered you this day always be a reminder of how truly important you are in so many lives.  You are the guides to the next generation and that is a tremendous responsibility.

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