Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Reflections on a cold election day morning

I’m not used to having to go out and vote on a day in February.  There’s just something that seems so unnatural about that.  Elections should be for May and November.  But even so, there are things that the public must decide upon, and today is that day.  Go out and vote today, and let your powerful voice be heard.  Whether tax issues pass or fail, whether I voted for or against something, voting is one of the most special benefits of being a citizen of the United States, and is our sole power against a tyrannical government, whether on the national scale or local.  (And no, I’m not implying anything there either.)

Its been one of those odd mornings here in Windhamite land.  The kids didn’t want to go to school when they got out of bed, but ran to the bus gleefully when it arrived.  I’ve never quite figured that one out.  I remember getting on the bus when I was a kid.  It was only a ten minute ride to Walnut Creek Elementary, but one which I could always catch up with some of my friends what we did the night before.  It usually involved something about running around in the woods behind my home. 

There were a lot of snowy days back then, umm, like there are now I guess.  We’d go sled riding down over the hill from my house.  There was a pretty big hill down there that ended with a pond at the bottom.  We would wait for it to ice over then sled right onto the pond.  At night, about 100 Amish kids would play freeze tag on ice skates on the pond, which would be lit with those little camp stove lights.  If I could make one recommendation, never get on the ice with 100 Amish kids playing freeze tag, it sometimes looks more like tackle football.

I made a lot of stupid mistakes then, I still make them today.  Most of you likely know what I’m talking about.  One of the hardest things about being a preacher is that you have to keep yourself in check every moment of the day, and in every interaction with other people that you make.  I have a hard time doing that.  One of the things that I struggle with is a temper that I honestly think is in my genetic code somewhere.  My family has a bad tendency to get angry at times.  We (I) say things at times that shouldn’t be said.  I can’t state the amount of times I’ve had to stop myself, but sadly, sometimes I don’t get the chance to stop myself.  I apologize to everyone for the ignorant statment I’ve made, and if I’ve offended you specifically, please let me know, I’d like the opportunity to correct it. 

Groundhog Day is one of my favorite days of the year. 

The Seahawks were robbed!  Robbed, I say!  Of course, that could be my anit-Pittsburgh Steelers stance coming out, but still.  At least the commercials were pretty good this year.  The Ameriquest commercials were my favorite.  And the MacGuyver commercial!  Priceless!

Get out and vote folks.

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